Write address on back of cheque book

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Know Your Cheque

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Also write the same on the back of the cheque. The reason being, if just one digit of a number is wrong, and it matches someone elses account, then it is no end of hassle tracking down where the money has gone and getting it corrected.

Be extra cautious if the cheque book used is new – a new cheque book always starts with cheque number !

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5. Be extra cautious if the cheque is being negotiable – always ask the payer to sign at the back of the cheque and ask for contact details of the payer against physical evidence of the ID Card. In case of paper request, Bank Admin can login to Corporate Online Banking Admin console and initiate a cheque book request on behalf of its client.

The Cheque Book Requests summary screen displays all the cheque book requests along with their status. There's a lot of confusion about where signatures go. Do you sign the back of a check when you write it or is that the recipient's job? When you write a check, the only place you need to sign is on the front—right on the signature line.

It is possible to include instructions on. There was sufficient time in collecting the proceeds of my cheque of _____ (Date) for _____ (Amount) and so there is hardly any reason that the balance to my credit may have fallen short of the required amount resulting in the dishonour of my cheque.

Store up to 2, addresses in the FedEx Address Book and simply click where your package is going — instead of entering all the info every time you ship.

The address checker helps you avoid undeliverable shipments, delays and address-correction charges. Best of all, there’s no charge to use the.

Write address on back of cheque book
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