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World Environment Day 2018 –Theme, Activities, Quotes, Slogans, Essay, Speech & Article

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World Environment Day (WED) is hosted every year by a different city and celebrated with an international exhibition through the week of June 5. World Environment Day is used by the United Nations to encourage awareness of the environment and to garner political attention and public action.

essay on world environment day World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 th June every year, this day was created to inspire the people across the world for the active participation to save the earth.

“In modern China though, it is the Yangtze that has been promoted by the central government as the main national icon. This is to do with the Yangtze’s importance for China’s development. Archives Hello Friends, Welcome to Day Importance of Self – Tracking: Learning from Last Year Last year, aspirants used to comment their answers in the comment box on daily basis.

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